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About Nyla

Intentionally, we do not allow Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) to define who she is. It is important to our family and her development that this defect does not overshadow or stunt her childhood, potential, and dreams. In every sense of the word, Nyla personifies bravery, beauty, and determination. Being a child who has undergone and survived some arduous medical interventions, we still see the light and joy in her eyes when she goes to preschool and plays with her friends. She is like any other child who likes music, ice cream, going to the beach, being mommy and daddy's helper in the kitchen, amusement parks, and playing make-believe, but with a "special" heart. So, when you see Nyla, you see her personality and we intend to keep it that way.

To date, she has undergone the Norwood, Glenn, and Fontan open-heart surgeries and countless other procedures. As her parents, we do not view Nyla's life through rose-tinted glasses. Instead, we are her biggest advocates and supporters. Although not easy, understanding how to juggle stressful times as well as keeping a sense of normalcy is a balancing act. To be honest, she has become one of our heroes. The grace she displays while living with HLHS is a true reflection of the groundwork we put in to assure she is healthy on all fronts. We are forever grateful for our village of resources. 

Looking to the future, Nyla wishes to be either a doctor, rock star, teacher, or chef. We are not sure how she plans on accomplishing all of this but she certainly is ambitious. Ha-ha! We hope our journey with Nyla could be a beacon of light for other families caring for a child with HLHS. Community, patience, and a faith-based foundation has been a bedrock while going through.

An image of Nyla wearing a purple dress and a Halloween bow in daycare Fall '22.

Why We Do What We Do

Simply, Nyla having a congenital heart defect (CHD) was the catalyst for this scholarship. Being on this journey with her has been insightful enough to understand the need for this scholarship. 


We envision a future where there is equality and more representation in the workforce when it comes to healthcare. It matters. Our hope is that the Nyla D. Brown Heart Scholarship will give a little extra help to a bright and talented student who may not have otherwise consider pursuing a career linked to cardiovascular health.


It is important that we do our part to help make that change by setting those recipients up for success. If you are interested in supporting our scholarship, click the button below.

Nyla - Glenn Post Op
Family Photo at the Heart Wall
Hello Kitty. My Friend
A Friend: Nyla & Emmett

Our Message for Heart Friends and Family

Sometimes life hits you with unimaginable and unexpected events. In those moments, you are expected to be grounded enough to make quick life changing decisions. It becomes increasingly difficult when a loved one is affected.

If there is advice we could offer that has helped us while on this journey, it would be:

  • Help comes in many forms. Seek it and use it;

  • Take time for yourself. Do not feel guilty about self-care; and

  • Recognize, enjoy, and bottle the good moments

**TIP: Click the images for more details about Nyla's journey.

An image of Nyla wearing an Elmo shirt and red headband taken at daycare.
An image of Nyla with tubes and wires attached to her immediately after the Norwood procedure.
Another image of Nyla with less tubes and wires after the Norwood procedure.
An image of joyful Nyla in the park during a family photo session.
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